Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fourth of July

Last Wednesday was the fourth....typically a very un-exciting holiday in my household (no offense Mom, Dad). Usually the whole Fam comes home in a gathering of husbands, girlfriends, know, the like. The pool gets some use, home-made ice-cream is made, the golf cart is taken to the top of the hill, and the Pulsiphers accompany us while watching the Temecula fireworks show. It's how it has been played for years. Like Christmas! However, this year Ben & Lu had other obligations, which started a whole chain of siblings drop-outs till finally mom, dad, and the little girls were left to fend on their own. But not to worry folks, they found refuge at the coolest, most extravagent party of their lives!

The party's theme was Pirates & Wenches....or in Tim's term "wrenches". You like the attire?

The party had jolly jumps (one of which was even a pirate ship), a personal petting zoo made complete with a zebra/donkey and other exotic animals, a Caribbean-type band, catered food, and.....




.....Free Ice Cream!! It was amazing! So many choices...and I hadn't seen an ice cream truck in years! I was always deprived of that as a child...

The party gang: Timmy, Jason, Kenz, and myself. It was adorable how much the boys got into the whole sherade. They even visited the local thrift store for added accessory emphasis. I love my little pirates!

Thank you Dods' family for the best Fourth of July party known to Temecula! <3

Summer-- Take One.

I know, I know. Where have I been? It's amazing how much your life changes once you hit the sixteen year milestone. In my case, nearing the seventeenth. So weird. Suddenly, you have unlimited access to the beach, to the movies, to Valley Center (boyfriend?), to Disneyland, and tragically FAST FOOD. I guess there's a downside to everything, right Mom?? But, the biggest change is your summer vacation. I find myself not wasting daylight watching trl and music videos I have already seen a million times, or painting my nails a new, cool shade as I used to. I am finally experiencing what I've read in books and seen in the movies! Am I being too cliche?? Alright...alright..

So, I decided it was about time to document my general whereabouts, considering I have been on the run since the second the final school bell rang. I know, it's pretty brief.

Meet Tim! My super cute, extra cuddly, dark and handsome boyfriend. If I've seen anyone more than I have seen myself this summer, it's been him. Literally. There's rarely been a day that has gone by that he hasn't been my companion. And fam, don't even ask me how he has been able to cope with me for this long, because even I can't answer that one...

I mentioned fast food. Want to know the second person/people that have seen me more than myself this summer? My friends/employees at In N Out.

I joke you not. Sometimes it will be eleven at night and Tim still manages to find an appetite. So he drags me In-N-Out. He's always really considerate to ask me if I want anything....even though it will be six hours past my dinner que...and I always will reply proud of me Mom...but what used to be "Oh, I just want a few of your fries and that's it" always ends up as "Oops, Tim I'm really sorry. Where did all those fries go?" .....I am my mother's daughter :]

Destination three: Disneyland. Yes, still the happiest place on Earth. Tim and I both bought season passes to have the pleasure of going whenever we want and however long we want. It's well worth the expense people!

These are some of the pictures we managed to take waiting in lines for Splash Mountain (it was my first time), Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Star Wars know only the good ones.

We were both a bit shy at first to the cameras...who wouldn't?

But eventually, we were able to manage a few candid moments..

This last one was solely my idea...I promise.

Destination four: Oceanside beach. Okay, so here's one day I wasn't with Timothy. But Bre and I had lots of fun with the obnoxious ten year olds disturbing our tan sesh and such.

(That would be Bre's amazing body by the way...not mine haha)

I hope everyone's summer is just as wonderful as mine!