Monday, November 26, 2007

Destination 1: Goodbye Sweet Summer

This past summer has been the most eventful, entertaining, and enjoyable break I have experienced thus far. I am extremely grateful to my faithful summer companion Tim Ramirez, who accompanied me to the very last Disneyland trip, beach get-a-way, Storm's minor league baseball game, pot-luck picnic, movie marathon, even my last Taco Bell Crunch-wrap Supreme....which had become quite the caloric addiction. It was so hard to welcome the approaching school year, no matter how generous the back-to-school shopping spree that Mom offered nor the excitement for my 1st varsity football season. Nevertheless, the twentieth of August whisked its way to the surface of my calendar and it was time to say goodbye to Timothy distractions and hello to books, homework, and persistent teachers... :/

Free admission.

I know, I know. Pathetic my most recent blog dates all the way back to the fourth of July and it is now nearing the end of November....oh how my life has changed since then!

I believe it is appropriate to give a super quick, semi-detailed account of my whereabouts, news, etc....basically everything important that has occured in the last, oh lets say, four months. So, considering the circumstances, I invite you to hop on Haley's Awesome Honorary Time Machine....destined ultimately, to arrive at the present holiday season. So pack up some hot chocolate, slippers, a warm robe, and I'll provide the snacks..this adventure is coming at you in 3, 2, 1..

(My apologies to anyone that by chance will read this...including my faithful readers Mom, Lauren, Cason, and possibly may seem brief and scattered. It's just too overwhelming to document that much of life!)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun Tag

Lauren tagged me months ago...and even though I haven't been maintaining a faithful blogger run, I follow Lauren's daily. So here is my belated tag. I filled it out on schedule, but for whatever reason it never got published. Enjoy!

I tag Breanna, Ryan, and Mom's future profile next. :]

4 Jobs I've Had.
1. Little sister slave to Trent
2. An Alien
3. Favorite grandaughter to Joyce Swenson...I've had some pretty tough competition..I'll give Lauren credit..
4. Mommy's helper

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over.
1. the Little Rascals
2. Pride & Prejudice
3. Star Wars series
4. the Ladybugs (a ridiculous 90's comedy that didn't even make it to theaters then)

4 Favorite TV Shows.
1. American Idol, what else.
2. Disney Channel. I love my little Disney world.
3. So You Think You Can Dance (new obsession)
4. I hate to admit...the Hills :/ Don't hate.

4 Favorite Hobbies.
1. Cheerleading
2. Eating....especially sugar :]
3. Shopping bargains with good ol mommy
4. Homework. I know.

4 Places I've Lived.
Get a load of this!!! :]
1. Temecula, CA
2. Temecula, CA
3. Temecula, CA
4. Temecula, CA

4 Places I've Been on Vacation.
1. Mexicali
2. Kauai, Hawaii
3. Utah-- second home
4. Is this sad that this is the extent of my vacationing? I am anticipating a trip to Holland this spring break to visit my foreign exchange buddy Ryan.

4 Favorite Dishes/Places to Eat.
1. Teriyaki Chicken & Tempura meal at Gin Sushi followed with a Crunch Roll....sinful.
2. Chili's Caribbean salad
3. Iron Wok's walnut shrimp...a must try.
4. Spaghetti. YUM.

4 Websites I Visit Daily.
1. Hotmail
2. Myspace.....I hope it's only a stage I'll get over. It's not improving so far..
3. Blogger (Lauren, I like to read them...not actually write them!!)
4. You Tube. Check out Jared McBride all you viewers.

4 Places I'd Rather Be.
1. The start of summer
2. On vacation---especially someplace in Europe
3. My bed. Sleeping...
4. Getting primped, as any girl would like.

...and the "7 things about me" --
1. I hate stickers. They really gross me out to the extreme. Seeing them on someone's face or on shoes or just on the ground in general, I get uneasy. They get so disgusting with dirt and hair that sticks to the back of them! Must be related to some form of OCD...
2. I always stop at the Gumball machines in the mall. I love quarters!
3. I prefer to eat M&M's in an organized fashion. In pairs, and only in the same colors. Skittles same way..
4. Oddly enough I type whatever I hear. Whenever watching a movie, listening to a lecture, whatever, I type out what I hear on my imaginary key pad. May be my middle school Computer essentials class haunting me..or it may just be an odd quirk..but I like to believe the former.
5. I love my older sister Lauren. It seems whatever she does, I have to copy. Here's my tribute to her...I'm admitting Lu.
6. I am a dentist's daughter and have had a cavity on nearly every tooth..including two stainless steel crowns. Bad genetics or poor hygiene?? Again, I like to believe the former.
7. I was an alien. Yes, you heard me. I was born an alien. My blessed brother Trent stated that opinion after only a few hours at home for the first time. Ever since, the term "Halien" has been recited on the playground, the classroom, even best friend's mouths... :[

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Fourth of July

Last Wednesday was the fourth....typically a very un-exciting holiday in my household (no offense Mom, Dad). Usually the whole Fam comes home in a gathering of husbands, girlfriends, know, the like. The pool gets some use, home-made ice-cream is made, the golf cart is taken to the top of the hill, and the Pulsiphers accompany us while watching the Temecula fireworks show. It's how it has been played for years. Like Christmas! However, this year Ben & Lu had other obligations, which started a whole chain of siblings drop-outs till finally mom, dad, and the little girls were left to fend on their own. But not to worry folks, they found refuge at the coolest, most extravagent party of their lives!

The party's theme was Pirates & Wenches....or in Tim's term "wrenches". You like the attire?

The party had jolly jumps (one of which was even a pirate ship), a personal petting zoo made complete with a zebra/donkey and other exotic animals, a Caribbean-type band, catered food, and.....




.....Free Ice Cream!! It was amazing! So many choices...and I hadn't seen an ice cream truck in years! I was always deprived of that as a child...

The party gang: Timmy, Jason, Kenz, and myself. It was adorable how much the boys got into the whole sherade. They even visited the local thrift store for added accessory emphasis. I love my little pirates!

Thank you Dods' family for the best Fourth of July party known to Temecula! <3

Summer-- Take One.

I know, I know. Where have I been? It's amazing how much your life changes once you hit the sixteen year milestone. In my case, nearing the seventeenth. So weird. Suddenly, you have unlimited access to the beach, to the movies, to Valley Center (boyfriend?), to Disneyland, and tragically FAST FOOD. I guess there's a downside to everything, right Mom?? But, the biggest change is your summer vacation. I find myself not wasting daylight watching trl and music videos I have already seen a million times, or painting my nails a new, cool shade as I used to. I am finally experiencing what I've read in books and seen in the movies! Am I being too cliche?? Alright...alright..

So, I decided it was about time to document my general whereabouts, considering I have been on the run since the second the final school bell rang. I know, it's pretty brief.

Meet Tim! My super cute, extra cuddly, dark and handsome boyfriend. If I've seen anyone more than I have seen myself this summer, it's been him. Literally. There's rarely been a day that has gone by that he hasn't been my companion. And fam, don't even ask me how he has been able to cope with me for this long, because even I can't answer that one...

I mentioned fast food. Want to know the second person/people that have seen me more than myself this summer? My friends/employees at In N Out.

I joke you not. Sometimes it will be eleven at night and Tim still manages to find an appetite. So he drags me In-N-Out. He's always really considerate to ask me if I want anything....even though it will be six hours past my dinner que...and I always will reply proud of me Mom...but what used to be "Oh, I just want a few of your fries and that's it" always ends up as "Oops, Tim I'm really sorry. Where did all those fries go?" .....I am my mother's daughter :]

Destination three: Disneyland. Yes, still the happiest place on Earth. Tim and I both bought season passes to have the pleasure of going whenever we want and however long we want. It's well worth the expense people!

These are some of the pictures we managed to take waiting in lines for Splash Mountain (it was my first time), Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Star Wars know only the good ones.

We were both a bit shy at first to the cameras...who wouldn't?

But eventually, we were able to manage a few candid moments..

This last one was solely my idea...I promise.

Destination four: Oceanside beach. Okay, so here's one day I wasn't with Timothy. But Bre and I had lots of fun with the obnoxious ten year olds disturbing our tan sesh and such.

(That would be Bre's amazing body by the way...not mine haha)

I hope everyone's summer is just as wonderful as mine!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boating, Scurfing, Down-right FUN.

It's no surprise that summer is here...or at least nearly here. Thirteen days and counting until my new and spontaneous life officially begins...hah, such a joke!

However, my family has this thing called a boat....I know, this weird device that can tread water, make a ginormous wake, hold ten plus people, AND play music at the same's crazy. It's become a tradition to take it out every day possible that we can fit in dad's busy schedule. Fortunately, we were able to last Saturday. I not only got to enjoy the presence of my cousin Benji, older brother Trent, Mackenzie, Mom, AND Dad....but friends Tim, Scott, Jen, and David as well. We had a blast to say the least.

If I might add, the bonus of having a friend who owns a lake house and private docking station isn't too bad either. We love the McBrides :]

Catalina Birthday Bash.

I know it's a little late in coming, but nevertheless I had to make mention of it. I had the opportunity to spend the most amazing weekend in Catalina for the celebration of Brooklin's sweet sixteen! We had so much fun!

Our beautiful condo. If you can believe it, we had access to a private beach, tennis court, pool and jacuzzi, and this beautiful view. It was so refreshing to open up the balcony and wake up to the smell of salt water and adventure!

All four of us girls on the second day were treated to a full three hours of snorkeling. We had the chance to ride with hundreds of dolphins, play with nearby sea otters, and collect sea of which was still the residence of a very unhappy hermit crab, whom we only discovered one day after taking him home...he never made it back to his sea habitat. May Gary rest in peace. I also need to mention that we were even able to go para-sailing! Here I was, thinking that cool things never happen to people as average as me...pfft.

One of our numerous rides in our included golf cart. I found it so amusing that rather than the main transportation being via cars as it is on the mainland, the island population is accustomed to driving golf carts. Whether decked out in spinner wheels, leather seats, and 22 inch rims in order to impress passerbys, or simply acting as a vehicle used to commute to the local Vons express and Mr. Zorro's Pet Pampering, these cool mobiles were the norm. The parking spaces and streets were designed for their small dimension...and speed limits, there were none!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Aaron Marcus Stratz, Air Bear & Cuzie ♥

It's been hard to cope with the passing of my close cousin Aaron three weeks ago, on April 23rd. He was young, oh so handsome, the ultimate sweet talker, and an extremely close and loving friend. It's a shame he had to leave us so early. But I know, in the complicated realm between the living and the deceased, that he is out there watching over those he cared about and rooting for our ongoing progression to our life's goals and overall absolute plan. I know that every time I do or say something completely dorky or everytime I walk by Grandma's front screen door (that we sacked dead during our competitive Easter egg hunts), he is there to snicker with (...or at) me. The years growing up together and spending so close, the many memories we created, the strong bond we always shared, the nativity plays and baths at Grammy's with her orange tupperware and rubber duckies, the many endless easter egg hunts that he always won, the numerous slumber parties, forced costume dress-up play dates, and air guitar rock-out sessions in my bug's front seat... I'll always miss them the most. I think the hardest aspect of the situation to accept is the fact that not everyone who knew him had the blessing of experiencing the same wonderful memories and bond....or maybe that is a blessing in itself too, because I know he shared something special and unique with every individual he was in acquaintance with.

I hope you know Aaron that I love you more than I ever expressed in words, on paper, or through a computer screen. You are always in my heart and I will never forget you and the confident, cool charisma you possessed and helped me to develop (even if it is only a small fraction of what you have..) I can't wait to share my graduation, wedding day, first parenting attempt, or any other life experience that I will go through in the future with you by my side. Can you just do me a little favor? Do NOT follow me into the bathroom....for those particular experiences you will have to wait at the door...and no matter how long it takes, I'll come back to meet you. :] I'm never far behind you Air Bear.

Till the day we meet again,

Introducing Baby Boy Barbie Doll

It's been soo long! I'm sorry to all of my daily readers, tabloid stalkers, or the twelve close family members who have been waiting for my next word... Hah.

Cason Werner Brutsch was brought into the world today. The little stud is already starting to take up some of my love and I have a strong inclination to believe that he will have his young, hip, and intelligent aunt wrapped around his tiny, baby boy finger!! My first nephew, my real-life Ken barbie doll!

He's one of the most important boys in my life (aside from my own dad, brothers, cousins, uncles, and Aaron..) Check out Ben and Lu's profile for pictures and nursery whereabout updates.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The New Haley :]

So today was the start of a completely new life for this Haley. For one, I officially turned in my paperwork for cheer that confirmed I am not trying out for the competition squad this coming year...ya, you heard it's devastating! And although it sounds totally superficial and might set me as the stereotypical cheerleader, it was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in a looong time. Why else would I wait till the very last day to turn it in? (And this hard decision disregards the decisions I've had to make concerning boys recently- Bre, Lu, Ben- you know where I'm coming from!) Haha, but in the long run it will be beneficial and will no longer interfere with my religious beliefs (namely seminary), lack of sleep (hello, waking up at 4:30 and staying at school till 8:00 with tons of homework left is no life!), health- I WILL NOT get mano (mom, you heard me), etc. Can I please hear a holla?!! HOLLA!

Second, I signed up for this amazing gym today....I totally feel like a secret agent spy or something. Fingerprint entrances, treadmills with individual tvs and wide selection of dvds, free water and towels....I mean seriously, is that not totally air force one or something? Oh, and I totally forgot to mention that THE most attractive guy works the Tuesday night shift at about 8:00. I must remember to mark that in my planner... ;)

Thirdly, I finally got my camera to upload new pictures unto my pathetic Mac computer- which means I can finally update my myspace...haha I did not just admit that. It's so lame!

So here you have it- the new, competition-less, athletic training, myspace-affiliating Haley. Aye.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

National Champs :]

Two weeks ago our GOHS competition cheer squad went to the USA Nationals in Anaheim, California and placed 1st out of twenty-seven teams! It has only been our third year as the "newbie" high school around Temecula, with rivals Temecula Valley and Chaparral, and only our second year together as a team. It has been quite an accomplishment, especially considering the somewhat devastating defeat we experienced last year when we made a few stunting mistakes in the final competition day. (We still went home with third place in the junior varsity division). However, now as a Varsity team, we still consider ourselves as the underdogs...we compete with teams comprised of mainly seniors when the majority of our team is mostly freshmen and sophomores. We love our few juniors and one senior Kasey! :)

This is Andrea, who is probably one of the only sixteen year-old girls known in the cheer world to be able to do a full one-man with a full-grown girl (and Bre, no I'm not talking about the chest area)...they are both amazing and the stunt added a level of difficulty unheard of!!

Well, considering this rather extensive blog is turning out to sound like a newspaper article I could find in the Press Enterprise or one of Ben's blogs, I believe I'll close with one last thing-- NATIONAL AND CIF STATE CHAMPIONS BABY!!

(Oh, and Ben I'm totally kidding. Your ski blogs are very entertaining!)

Dear Journal

I thought I'd copy my big sis one more time....and considering I have NEVER been good at keeping track of a journal like she has, this is a good substitute despite my very un-savvy computer skills on a Mac computer. Agh, I have yet to discover how to import pictures. This is about the time I start calling for Ben!!