Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catalina Birthday Bash.

I know it's a little late in coming, but nevertheless I had to make mention of it. I had the opportunity to spend the most amazing weekend in Catalina for the celebration of Brooklin's sweet sixteen! We had so much fun!

Our beautiful condo. If you can believe it, we had access to a private beach, tennis court, pool and jacuzzi, and this beautiful view. It was so refreshing to open up the balcony and wake up to the smell of salt water and adventure!

All four of us girls on the second day were treated to a full three hours of snorkeling. We had the chance to ride with hundreds of dolphins, play with nearby sea otters, and collect sea shells....one of which was still the residence of a very unhappy hermit crab, whom we only discovered one day after taking him home...he never made it back to his sea habitat. May Gary rest in peace. I also need to mention that we were even able to go para-sailing! Here I was, thinking that cool things never happen to people as average as me...pfft.

One of our numerous rides in our included golf cart. I found it so amusing that rather than the main transportation being via cars as it is on the mainland, the island population is accustomed to driving golf carts. Whether decked out in spinner wheels, leather seats, and 22 inch rims in order to impress passerbys, or simply acting as a vehicle used to commute to the local Vons express and Mr. Zorro's Pet Pampering, these cool mobiles were the norm. The parking spaces and streets were designed for their small dimension...and speed limits, there were none!

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Lauren said...

Wow! Sounds like you girls had lots of fun! Para-sailing? Lucky. Were you so scared?