Friday, July 31, 2009


It's been a week....and I have nothing to prove for it...except a couple of recent gray hairs and an exhausted brain. 2nd set of midterms, done. 2nd set of papers, check. 3rd set of the above? Got about four days. Oy vey.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A temple trip.

(And it's even more pretty on the inside!)

My ward is so fun. On Saturday they planned a very hot journey to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House, aboard a gigantic yellow school bus. I have no idea where they picked this thing up, but it sent some nostalgia to my High School longing heart.

This is brad modeling the school bus...

West Jordan can now officially claim to be the only city in the entire world to house two temples! And it is also the only place that you can see 4, yes FOUR, temples in the same valley! (Draper, Oquirrh Mountain, Salt Lake, & the West Jordan) It's a pretty cool sight.

The Bridal Dressing Room was my favorite. Hannah and I gasped the second we walked in.....someday. Someday not too soon. You heard me.

Afterwards our Bishop had all of us over at his house for a BBQ. Delicious. I miss home cooked meals......(though Mom your promise to Pechanga's sea food cuisine is still in tact when I get home!). And I would totally put a picture of myself up except by this time of the day I was looking pretty haggard.'ll have to settle for this instead and visualize me behind the camera, blocking any photographical evidence. Is that a word? My computer isn't saying it's not...

The what age?

ICE AGE. In 3D. Probably one of the cutest movies I've seen in awhile, if you are into the whole cartoon sort of thing. (Some people are just simply not..)

But if you go see it, you have to make sure you go 3D style. Be daring! I looked like a baller :]

In my defense they looked a little ridiculous too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Calling all Wildcats.... day/weekend of my life. Ever. Forever.

One of my best friends Ashley from back home flew up to visit me this past weekend. Love her. She's pretty great. Loves clothes, chick flicks, and lip gloss almost as much as I do. And since we were in Salt Lake, my friend Adam, who came with us, suggested we go visit East High (after singing the entire HSM3 soundtrack to me in the car). I could have fallen in love with this stranger right then......haha. For those of you that know me, you can only imagine my ecstatic state.

Sharpay's parking spot was still even painted pink!

We took our Wildcat uniforms off long enough to also make the rounds to Temple Square......

Sang one too many Taylor Swift songs in my Bug...

Went to the SL club Studio 600 for the glow party...

Overlooked the city...

And ate at Cafe Rios (a must to any Utah newbie).

And an added bonus, I received some flowers in the mail...thanks Cole :]

Did I mention it was the best weekend of my life?? Come back ASH!

I love Provo. in Provo has been treating me splendidly :]

I've had the pleasure of spending lots and LOTS of time with my cute nephew Cason. I even was trusted enough to take him for an entire afternoon. It was fun :] We ate ice cream and went and visited a campus pond where the duckies were more than evidence by these!

(FYI: this wasn't zoomed in AT all...)

Cason loved the "Baby! Duck." Almost as much as my camera. I tried to take the typical one-handed pose of the two of us..

...only for him to grab my camera with his chubby hands and be the photographer for a change. His shots:

Not too shabby :]

So I had the moment. I'm talking about THE moment. The one every BYU student (female at least) has when they are walking home from a class and they are just overwhelmed with the beauty of campus and the mountains. Lauren confesses to even have cried....and so she doesn't get mad at me, I guess I'll admit I welled up too.

Can you just comprehend this gorgeousness for a second? I mean, seriously??

There's something about this mountain air and lush greenery that lately has just inspired me to feel....what's the word....unstoppable.

I love Provo.