Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The place where my maternal family became possible. It was here that Chickie (Grandma) met Swede (Grandpa) in high school--initiating a whirlwind romance that has lasted a lifetime. Over the years I've loved hearing the stories about the parties, the picnics, the diners they used to go it was incredibly exciting to be able to go with them to see their dating playground first-hand (though I wish the circumstances were a little different. We miss you Uncle Dick.) 

Seattle and surrounding areas do NOT disappoint. It's so charming! And of course, it's always great to be reunited with the entire family.

**I've never been terrified and excited by birds until this day. They fly and OUT OF NOWHERE take the food from your hands like a pack of wolves. It's insane.

I also got to sneak away and bond with my brothers over guitars, Hendrix, and sci-fi at the Experience Music Project museum. So fun to see them in their little music element.