Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun Tag

Lauren tagged me months ago...and even though I haven't been maintaining a faithful blogger run, I follow Lauren's daily. So here is my belated tag. I filled it out on schedule, but for whatever reason it never got published. Enjoy!

I tag Breanna, Ryan, and Mom's future profile next. :]

4 Jobs I've Had.
1. Little sister slave to Trent
2. An Alien
3. Favorite grandaughter to Joyce Swenson...I've had some pretty tough competition..I'll give Lauren credit..
4. Mommy's helper

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over.
1. the Little Rascals
2. Pride & Prejudice
3. Star Wars series
4. the Ladybugs (a ridiculous 90's comedy that didn't even make it to theaters then)

4 Favorite TV Shows.
1. American Idol, what else.
2. Disney Channel. I love my little Disney world.
3. So You Think You Can Dance (new obsession)
4. I hate to admit...the Hills :/ Don't hate.

4 Favorite Hobbies.
1. Cheerleading
2. Eating....especially sugar :]
3. Shopping bargains with good ol mommy
4. Homework. I know.

4 Places I've Lived.
Get a load of this!!! :]
1. Temecula, CA
2. Temecula, CA
3. Temecula, CA
4. Temecula, CA

4 Places I've Been on Vacation.
1. Mexicali
2. Kauai, Hawaii
3. Utah-- second home
4. Is this sad that this is the extent of my vacationing? I am anticipating a trip to Holland this spring break to visit my foreign exchange buddy Ryan.

4 Favorite Dishes/Places to Eat.
1. Teriyaki Chicken & Tempura meal at Gin Sushi followed with a Crunch Roll....sinful.
2. Chili's Caribbean salad
3. Iron Wok's walnut shrimp...a must try.
4. Spaghetti. YUM.

4 Websites I Visit Daily.
1. Hotmail
2. Myspace.....I hope it's only a stage I'll get over. It's not improving so far..
3. Blogger (Lauren, I like to read them...not actually write them!!)
4. You Tube. Check out Jared McBride all you viewers.

4 Places I'd Rather Be.
1. The start of summer
2. On vacation---especially someplace in Europe
3. My bed. Sleeping...
4. Getting primped, as any girl would like.

...and the "7 things about me" --
1. I hate stickers. They really gross me out to the extreme. Seeing them on someone's face or on shoes or just on the ground in general, I get uneasy. They get so disgusting with dirt and hair that sticks to the back of them! Must be related to some form of OCD...
2. I always stop at the Gumball machines in the mall. I love quarters!
3. I prefer to eat M&M's in an organized fashion. In pairs, and only in the same colors. Skittles same way..
4. Oddly enough I type whatever I hear. Whenever watching a movie, listening to a lecture, whatever, I type out what I hear on my imaginary key pad. May be my middle school Computer essentials class haunting me..or it may just be an odd quirk..but I like to believe the former.
5. I love my older sister Lauren. It seems whatever she does, I have to copy. Here's my tribute to her...I'm admitting Lu.
6. I am a dentist's daughter and have had a cavity on nearly every tooth..including two stainless steel crowns. Bad genetics or poor hygiene?? Again, I like to believe the former.
7. I was an alien. Yes, you heard me. I was born an alien. My blessed brother Trent stated that opinion after only a few hours at home for the first time. Ever since, the term "Halien" has been recited on the playground, the classroom, even best friend's mouths... :[