Monday, January 9, 2012

The truth about this culture.

There's something different about Provo....

For so long I thought it was the result of the honor code and obvious sexual tension of the campus, but I was wrong. I mean they explain the surface difference, but there's something more. There's more to it.

It's perfectionism. Girls have to be Betty Crocker, Twiggy, Hermione Granger, and Taylor Swift in the same moment. It's nuts! I can't stay Twig skinny (Twig. Twiggy. Get it?) while I'm trying to win over someone's stomach. And I most definitely can't be a know-it-all in my classes if I'm staying up all night writing cute and articulate melodies with my crush's first name.

Note my second epiphany: GIRLS, WE DO IT TO OURSELVES.

(And if you are reading this saying,  "Duh, I figured this out a lifetime ago"  .....well then, I feel a little awkward and embarrassed, or rather awkwardly embarrassed. Evidence that I've been far too caught up into this worse-than-reality-tv nightmare.)

Why else do I put up arms every time another girl walks into the room? And why is it that I'll proceed to pull out my imaginary shotgun and vicious eyes of death if she doesn't comfortably fall behind me on my perceived perfect-girl criteria rating?

I probably shouldn't even be admitting this...but maybe doing so is a step in the right direction?

Since I already did my homework AND made a delicious chicken entree for dinner, I guess I'll go back to my library of self-produced lyrics now....ha.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's a new year and I want to start it all caught up.

Aside from my many adventures in Europe that tripled (or possibly even quadrupled) my total post count, a lot has happened. But for unabridged record keeping's sake, a little re-cap:
             -TEN countries in FOUR months:
                      Scotland, Wales, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy
             -SIX musicals
               Billy Elliot (twice), Mama Mia, Les Miserables, Wicked, Legally Blonde, Dreamboats & Petticoats
             -SWAN LAKE ballet
             -MADAME BUTTERFLY opera
             -COUNTLESS museums
             -ADVENTURE with my mama

You would think life just couldn't get much better than that......only it does.

1. Became an officer in BYUSA. (BYU's equivalent of a student government.) This has meant an unbelievable amount of hours, but rewards in the form of great friendships, superb leadership training, fun retreat adventures, and parade inclusion.

2. Sat in the President's Box at a BYU football game. This was truly momentous; I met Elder L. Tom Perry and conversed with President Samuelson, among others, whilst enjoying fine dining.

3. Attended my very first Parachute concert. They are my absolute favorite band and after the misfortune of missing them earlier in the summer, I relished every moment.

They did a post-show jam session. Though it was great, it didn't quite make up for the fact that my sister betrayed me by getting a picture kissing Will on the cheek at the earlier concert I missed. She deserved coal in her stocking for that one.

4. Was a counselor to a group of freshmen at a leadership conference. The "Sunny Buttahs" had it going on.

5. Enjoyed a brief stint living with my sister. She thinks she's too cool for me now because she landed herself a boyfriend and is now practically Martha Stewart when it comes to cooking. I only publicly announce this in the hopes that it will win me points for another sushi night.

6. Went to a RASCAL FLATTS concert. We got there late and were frustrated with our lawn seats when a member of the crew gave us EIGHTH ROW seats. It was a total Justin Bieber movie moment, only better because it was real life and was happening to yours truly. In another life I'll thank him, and my roommate who gave her ticket to me. (She now regrets it.)

7. Went to many football games with family and friends. In fear of an uprising from the common football folk, it was as enjoyable as inside the President's Box.

8. Received tickets to General Conference in SLC.....enlightening to the core, as always. And I ran into this guy, in the flesh!

9. Attended my very own surprise party. (Thanks Brandon and Jen.)

10. Boogied in my seat at the So You Think You Can Dance 2011 tour. (The highlight of every year.) They changed it up a little this year to be even more of a production....and I'm not complaining!

Note: As always, tears were shed. Also, Jess is sublime in person.

11. Saw Parachute A SECOND TIME, but with VIP passes this time around. Well worth the $$. These guys are the greatest thing since Animal Crackers.

12. Spent the holidays at home with the people that matter most--family.

PS. I promise I don't wear that shirt every day....

And the holiday's best picture: