Monday, January 9, 2012

The truth about this culture.

There's something different about Provo....

For so long I thought it was the result of the honor code and obvious sexual tension of the campus, but I was wrong. I mean they explain the surface difference, but there's something more. There's more to it.

It's perfectionism. Girls have to be Betty Crocker, Twiggy, Hermione Granger, and Taylor Swift in the same moment. It's nuts! I can't stay Twig skinny (Twig. Twiggy. Get it?) while I'm trying to win over someone's stomach. And I most definitely can't be a know-it-all in my classes if I'm staying up all night writing cute and articulate melodies with my crush's first name.

Note my second epiphany: GIRLS, WE DO IT TO OURSELVES.

(And if you are reading this saying,  "Duh, I figured this out a lifetime ago"  .....well then, I feel a little awkward and embarrassed, or rather awkwardly embarrassed. Evidence that I've been far too caught up into this worse-than-reality-tv nightmare.)

Why else do I put up arms every time another girl walks into the room? And why is it that I'll proceed to pull out my imaginary shotgun and vicious eyes of death if she doesn't comfortably fall behind me on my perceived perfect-girl criteria rating?

I probably shouldn't even be admitting this...but maybe doing so is a step in the right direction?

Since I already did my homework AND made a delicious chicken entree for dinner, I guess I'll go back to my library of self-produced lyrics now....ha.


Amber T said...

I adore everything about this post! I'm not in Provo, just Temecula, but boy, oh boy do I hear ya! I don't understand why girls get so competitive amongst one another... I feel so inadequate sometimes hearing all the things that other girls are good at... Maybe I'll just start being the worst at everything! Then at least, every girl can depend on me to not be able to do whatever task others have perfected! :)

Anonymous said...

Well stated. Perfectionism is undoubtedly a defining feature of both BYU and Mormon culture at-large. We tend to measure our self-worth in terms of unachievable/immeasurable goals of accomplishment and beauty, setting ourselves up for moralistic self-criticism and bruised egos with any deviation.

The rarely acknowledged and more sinister sibling of perfectionism is narcissism. As you stated, we do it to ourselves - and continue to fall short of our [frivolous] efforts. Thanks for the insight.

Vicki said...

wowza. Good post. Good intellectual, meaty comments. Did I really just say wowza?

Well you are practically perfect in my book, so give us all a break. The Betty Crocker stage of life can wait. Enjoy...learn...and go get-em tiger, I mean cougar, wouldya? xo

Boy Who Left said...

I am absolutely in love with you. From the moment I first saw you, and each time I learn a little more about you it just grows! I think I'll have to visit this blog a little more often, just when I need a little inspiration of the type of woman that are out there! Hope one day I end up with someone just like you!