Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And so it begins...


Well first...because school puts on stuff like this:

They call it True Blue.

We made such a mess when we came home to shower....it was the cleaning room-check night too with our RA. Let's just say we didn't pass the first time around... :]

Second. Football season also brings good tidings of:

*Highly caloric & processed foods. (cotton candy, slurpees, hawaiian popcorn, and the like..)
*Crazed crowds
*School spirit
*THE wave
*The best of all? Being able to wear FALL clothes.

You know you feel the same.

Andrew is grey-shirting for the team this year and invited Trav and I on the field for warm-ups and the player tunnel. It was SOOO cool.

I got to be so up close and personal! We were standing on the sidelines as they did their thing and then all of a sudden they were charging at us! Before we knew it we were in the cracks of their HUGE formation. It was quite silly.

I nearly had a heart-attack when I turned to my left and saw Bronco standing less than ten feet away from me...and then a few minutes later cosmo came by. BYU has the best mascot. I've never seen any other of his kind do standing tucks and aerials.

Let's go Cougs!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This aint exactly easy.

What is this institution called college? Am I going to get through it? It's eight o' clock in the morning already? Another essay? Will I live till Christmas (also the end of the semester)? And people say this is the most fun you have in your entire life?!

These are the questions I ask myself about ten times a day. How come this is so much harder than before? Between classes, homework, and more classes....I find little time to do much else! I have to write about four essays in a week, something I'm not yet quite accustomed to. (Oh, and congrats to those of you who are....!)

Anyways. These are the things that are getting me through these long, LONG weeks.

Subject 1:

Even though it's always much earlier than I would like it to be, I get to wake up to THIS every morning, as it is on my roommate's wall. It's marvelous. Aren't you jealous you don't have him to come home to?

Subject 2:

Ya, that's my fridge. This is the only thing that prevents me from stuffing my face with sugar when I'm brain-fried from studying and am about to go insane. Course, I can't say it's worked everytime....

(As evident by) Subject 3:

Sharing an entire pan of white chocolate/caramelized brownies with your roommate at midnight? My sister suggested it. Lauren, my consequent Freshmen Fifteen and I thank you.

Subject 4:

My roommate has a few of these tucked in odd places around our humble abode too. And you all thought I was obsessed?

Subject 5:

The beginning of crisp Fall weather! Ah, it's honestly the best....and I wish you could all see the beauty of this campus with the lush greenery and encompassing mountains with it.

Subject 6:

For those of you curious, this is my current relationship. DJ i writes me a song for whatever my mood calls for, is a loyal companion, and even sleeps with me. (In an appropriate way, you weirdos!) Oh, but the best part? We never fight. Well, that is except when he runs out of battery..but he says that's my fault, not his...

Subject 7:

Thanks to the attractive English guy that gave this to me in class! Daisies are my favorite; don't they just make you happy? This one has lasted over a week!

Subject 8:

My eye mask. I know, it should have some cute bows on it or something to make it more visually appealing...but it does the job just fine. Allows me to fall asleep when my roommate still needs light for homework. (Remind me to thank whoever invented these in the next life!)

Subject 9:

The very best of all of them. Turning IN the essay. Ah, such a sigh of relief.

This reminds me, I got another one. Toodles! I hope you all have these blessed miracles in your life!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


...Blink 182 that is.

For Labor Day I wanted to do something FUN! Something different...

...so I ventured where this pop princess has NEVER been before.

An actual rock band concert. It wasn't the typical J.T.-Britney Spears-kind of concert I'm used to with loads of sexy background dancers and elaborate stage frills. Nope. They kept it simple and let the music do all the entertaining.

I went with my roommate Emily & my best friend Travis from back home.

We had way too much fun getting our inner rocker on.

Taking Back Sunday was good too :]