Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And so it begins...


Well first...because school puts on stuff like this:

They call it True Blue.

We made such a mess when we came home to shower....it was the cleaning room-check night too with our RA. Let's just say we didn't pass the first time around... :]

Second. Football season also brings good tidings of:

*Highly caloric & processed foods. (cotton candy, slurpees, hawaiian popcorn, and the like..)
*Crazed crowds
*School spirit
*THE wave
*The best of all? Being able to wear FALL clothes.

You know you feel the same.

Andrew is grey-shirting for the team this year and invited Trav and I on the field for warm-ups and the player tunnel. It was SOOO cool.

I got to be so up close and personal! We were standing on the sidelines as they did their thing and then all of a sudden they were charging at us! Before we knew it we were in the cracks of their HUGE formation. It was quite silly.

I nearly had a heart-attack when I turned to my left and saw Bronco standing less than ten feet away from me...and then a few minutes later cosmo came by. BYU has the best mascot. I've never seen any other of his kind do standing tucks and aerials.

Let's go Cougs!


Vicki said...

go back to edit...and add your family comes into town and takes you shopping...

Lauren said...

cute post.
...and I ditto mom's words.

and that true blue? so gross! even your skin turned BLUE.

Princess Danell said...

Vicki...that's a whole other entry. THIS one is the awesomeness that IS BYU. Linda (Brad H's mom) and I have decided to ditch our families and come back to Provo as roommates and do it over again. You reminded us how much fun it was/is. Fall, sweaters, football season...I'm going to go cry now. JEALOUS ME!!! Have fun.