Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I love Provo. in Provo has been treating me splendidly :]

I've had the pleasure of spending lots and LOTS of time with my cute nephew Cason. I even was trusted enough to take him for an entire afternoon. It was fun :] We ate ice cream and went and visited a campus pond where the duckies were more than evidence by these!

(FYI: this wasn't zoomed in AT all...)

Cason loved the "Baby! Duck." Almost as much as my camera. I tried to take the typical one-handed pose of the two of us..

...only for him to grab my camera with his chubby hands and be the photographer for a change. His shots:

Not too shabby :]

So I had the moment. I'm talking about THE moment. The one every BYU student (female at least) has when they are walking home from a class and they are just overwhelmed with the beauty of campus and the mountains. Lauren confesses to even have cried....and so she doesn't get mad at me, I guess I'll admit I welled up too.

Can you just comprehend this gorgeousness for a second? I mean, seriously??

There's something about this mountain air and lush greenery that lately has just inspired me to feel....what's the word....unstoppable.

I love Provo.


Vicki said...

Surely you ARE in heaven! CUTE boys, flowers from other CUTE boys, Cason (yet another cute boy), AND you look Fabulous, dahhhling. Just one thing........
NO MUTH. Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.

Lauren said...

Unstoppable?? You are. You are unstoppable with those boys, thats for sure!!!

Thanks so much for taking Case. He is sitting here with me saying "Wawa" with wistfulness in his voice. We should probably call you today. He misses you... and "Ama" he sees her pic right here to the side.

We are so lucky to have you so close to us. You have no idea how much we love it!

Anonymous said...

Haley I am so happy for you!! I had no idea how absolutely beautiful Utah is!! You deserve every ounce of everything your experiencing right now!! Go out and live girl!! (and please keep posting pictures so that I can do the same...that is, live vicariously through you!!) :] Hawl