Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boating, Scurfing, Down-right FUN.

It's no surprise that summer is here...or at least nearly here. Thirteen days and counting until my new and spontaneous life officially begins...hah, such a joke!

However, my family has this thing called a boat....I know, this weird device that can tread water, make a ginormous wake, hold ten plus people, AND play music at the same time...it's crazy. It's become a tradition to take it out every day possible that we can fit in dad's busy schedule. Fortunately, we were able to last Saturday. I not only got to enjoy the presence of my cousin Benji, older brother Trent, Mackenzie, Mom, AND Dad....but friends Tim, Scott, Jen, and David as well. We had a blast to say the least.

If I might add, the bonus of having a friend who owns a lake house and private docking station isn't too bad either. We love the McBrides :]


Lauren said...

Finally! Keep the posts coming, love the pictures. We are so jealous we weren't there. Best of luck with these final days of school! Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Haley WaKKka--Don't forget all that housework and scrapbooking you are looking forward to doing this summer--ok and some boating too.