Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Aaron Marcus Stratz, Air Bear & Cuzie ♥

It's been hard to cope with the passing of my close cousin Aaron three weeks ago, on April 23rd. He was young, oh so handsome, the ultimate sweet talker, and an extremely close and loving friend. It's a shame he had to leave us so early. But I know, in the complicated realm between the living and the deceased, that he is out there watching over those he cared about and rooting for our ongoing progression to our life's goals and overall absolute plan. I know that every time I do or say something completely dorky or everytime I walk by Grandma's front screen door (that we sacked dead during our competitive Easter egg hunts), he is there to snicker with (...or at) me. The years growing up together and spending so close, the many memories we created, the strong bond we always shared, the nativity plays and baths at Grammy's with her orange tupperware and rubber duckies, the many endless easter egg hunts that he always won, the numerous slumber parties, forced costume dress-up play dates, and air guitar rock-out sessions in my bug's front seat... I'll always miss them the most. I think the hardest aspect of the situation to accept is the fact that not everyone who knew him had the blessing of experiencing the same wonderful memories and bond....or maybe that is a blessing in itself too, because I know he shared something special and unique with every individual he was in acquaintance with.

I hope you know Aaron that I love you more than I ever expressed in words, on paper, or through a computer screen. You are always in my heart and I will never forget you and the confident, cool charisma you possessed and helped me to develop (even if it is only a small fraction of what you have..) I can't wait to share my graduation, wedding day, first parenting attempt, or any other life experience that I will go through in the future with you by my side. Can you just do me a little favor? Do NOT follow me into the bathroom....for those particular experiences you will have to wait at the door...and no matter how long it takes, I'll come back to meet you. :] I'm never far behind you Air Bear.

Till the day we meet again,

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Lauren said...

Haley, you are an amazing writer. What a great tribute to sweet Aaron. Keep the posts coming! I want to hear about Catalina, cheer try-outs, and the like. I know school is probably getting really busy as it is nearing it's end (woo-hoo! right?), but I need to know that Auntie Haley is hanging in there! Love you lots!