Monday, November 26, 2007

Destination 1: Goodbye Sweet Summer

This past summer has been the most eventful, entertaining, and enjoyable break I have experienced thus far. I am extremely grateful to my faithful summer companion Tim Ramirez, who accompanied me to the very last Disneyland trip, beach get-a-way, Storm's minor league baseball game, pot-luck picnic, movie marathon, even my last Taco Bell Crunch-wrap Supreme....which had become quite the caloric addiction. It was so hard to welcome the approaching school year, no matter how generous the back-to-school shopping spree that Mom offered nor the excitement for my 1st varsity football season. Nevertheless, the twentieth of August whisked its way to the surface of my calendar and it was time to say goodbye to Timothy distractions and hello to books, homework, and persistent teachers... :/


Lauren said...

I love Taco Bell Crunch Wraps!

You should really consider a career in writing...maybe like a columnist for the newspaper or something.

See you in 15 days!

Blakey Pooh said...

I agree with Lauren, Haley.. You definitely have a literary voice. I can hear when I read... and it reminds of a disney channel voice over!

Keep writing more blogs and consider a literary major for a bachelors!