Sunday, April 15, 2007

National Champs :]

Two weeks ago our GOHS competition cheer squad went to the USA Nationals in Anaheim, California and placed 1st out of twenty-seven teams! It has only been our third year as the "newbie" high school around Temecula, with rivals Temecula Valley and Chaparral, and only our second year together as a team. It has been quite an accomplishment, especially considering the somewhat devastating defeat we experienced last year when we made a few stunting mistakes in the final competition day. (We still went home with third place in the junior varsity division). However, now as a Varsity team, we still consider ourselves as the underdogs...we compete with teams comprised of mainly seniors when the majority of our team is mostly freshmen and sophomores. We love our few juniors and one senior Kasey! :)

This is Andrea, who is probably one of the only sixteen year-old girls known in the cheer world to be able to do a full one-man with a full-grown girl (and Bre, no I'm not talking about the chest area)...they are both amazing and the stunt added a level of difficulty unheard of!!

Well, considering this rather extensive blog is turning out to sound like a newspaper article I could find in the Press Enterprise or one of Ben's blogs, I believe I'll close with one last thing-- NATIONAL AND CIF STATE CHAMPIONS BABY!!

(Oh, and Ben I'm totally kidding. Your ski blogs are very entertaining!)


Lauren said...

Good work Hay...I feel like you should consider a career in journalism. You have better vocabulary and syntax than I do! So good to see you this weekend. Love you so much Auntie!

Ben said...
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Ben said...


Great writing Hay, you better watch out or I am going to get a big head being mentioned in all of your posts.

p.s. The deleted post was me, two E's in cheer??? doh.