Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The New Haley :]

So today was the start of a completely new life for this Haley. For one, I officially turned in my paperwork for cheer that confirmed I am not trying out for the competition squad this coming year...ya, you heard it right...it's devastating! And although it sounds totally superficial and might set me as the stereotypical cheerleader, it was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in a looong time. Why else would I wait till the very last day to turn it in? (And this hard decision disregards the decisions I've had to make concerning boys recently- Bre, Lu, Ben- you know where I'm coming from!) Haha, but in the long run it will be beneficial and will no longer interfere with my religious beliefs (namely seminary), lack of sleep (hello, waking up at 4:30 and staying at school till 8:00 with tons of homework left is no life!), health- I WILL NOT get mano (mom, you heard me), etc. Can I please hear a holla?!! HOLLA!

Second, I signed up for this amazing gym today....I totally feel like a secret agent spy or something. Fingerprint entrances, treadmills with individual tvs and wide selection of dvds, free water and towels....I mean seriously, is that not totally air force one or something? Oh, and I totally forgot to mention that THE most attractive guy works the Tuesday night shift at about 8:00. I must remember to mark that in my planner... ;)

Thirdly, I finally got my camera to upload new pictures unto my pathetic Mac computer- which means I can finally update my myspace...haha I did not just admit that. It's so lame!

So here you have it- the new, competition-less, athletic training, myspace-affiliating Haley. Aye.


Lauren said...

You are such a nerd. So glad to know though that you got your camera working. What was the problem? Have a great week Hay! Love you lots.

Breanna said...

hay bay!! i love it!! haha you crack me up woman. i love you. and i agree with EVERYTHING you said. we are SO rocking that gym, and we are going to have lives again! yesss. welcome to the new world! :]