Thursday, January 1, 2009


It's New Years Day. About 4:30. I'm still in my pajamas. Haven't brushed my teeth. Been ignoring a mirror flat out all day. Keep resorting to the candy drawer for my means of nourishment. Have I forgotten anything else? Oh. Yes. I'm heartbroken.....just read.

For those who don't know my family, we have nearly every movie on dvd that was ever formatted for a dvd disk. Serious. If anyone were ever to break into our house, the only thing of real value would be the dang movie collection. Perhaps we should consider opening our own Blockbuster....I could call it Walkuster. Hah. Anyhow..

For someone who claims to not have time as I do, I  can ironically say I have watched all our dvds. More than once. For a general number, we can round it to 10. How sad am I. 

You can therefore understand how excited I get for Tuesdays, generally being the day new dvds are released to stores. More variety! Another movie I can watch 8+ times and memorize every line and body gesture! Life is great on those days.

You can therefore understand my super exuberant, giddy excitement for Tuesdays when a movie I fell in love with in theaters is released. Like HSM3. For those of you amateurs to my Disney fantasy, I'm talking about the new High School Musical 3. I saw it in theaters 4 times. I listen to the soundtrack non-stop and have even dubbed it the soundtrack of my life. Think I'm weird yet? For my sake, just call me their biggest fan. And to throw someone under the bus with me, my mom has seen it 3 times. In fact, for our Family Home Evening activity one Monday night, I was able to force my entire family to see it with me. 

Moving on with my sad story. It seems like forever since I've seen it last. I'm waiting with particular anticipation for its release when I can see the bonus features too. I'm embarrassing even myself right now..

Okay. So it was almost Winter Break. School was almost out, which meant I had more time on my hands than I've had since the inception  of the school year. I had construed the idea in my head on the last day of school that the HSM franchise must have planned to release the dvd before Christmas so that Santa could give them to my fellow 8 year old fans in their stockings. That would be smart marketing, right?? I looked it up on the internet when I got home from school that day. December 27th. It wasn't exactly Christmas, but it wasn't so long as Easter. It would totally do! Before long, it became the only subject of my conversations. With family, with friends, with my pet cat Napolean--it was all I could talk about. And then, my whole family, down for the Holidays, even became excited with me. We planned an entire night out of it. Mocktails, a movie-thon of the previous HSM counterparts of the trilogy as warm-up...etc. Everyone was going to stay up with me till midnight on the 26th so that we could go to Walmart the minute the clock striked the 27th. HSM3 was all mine.

It was 11:30. Only 30 more minutes to go! I decided to go on the internet to pass the time. Unfortunately enough, I decided to surf the web-- and yes, you guessed it. For High School Musical.  It was then that I saw the reason for ultimate heartbreak. "High School Musical 3 coming to stores on February 17th." Ugh. Knife through the stomach. Tears. Anger. How could I have gotten the wrong date?? It doesn't matter.

My entire break was devastated in that moment. The dreams I had of watching it over and over, and then over again while I had all the free time in the world...completely obliterated. 

You should feel sorry for me. My dad is obsessed with golf and ESPN college football. My mom is obsessed with refurbished crafts and any other creative outlet. My sister...obsessed with her dirty room. Why aren't they punished as I am?

Don't worry folks. I'm surviving. There just better be more bonus features now.


vicki said...

geesh Hay--just bare your soul girl...ha...but don't have to make me look bad too. I am really just interested for your sake, so you aren't totally pathetic alone! jk.

ahlin said...

are you serious?! that long??? it didnt take that long for the other ones to come out! i am right there with you sister. i loved it too! i only got to see it once though due to the emptiness of my college student piggy bank. but, to give me some fan credit, my roommate and i did go the day it opened and sat in the theatre with all the twelve year olds, clapping and screaming alongside them ;) its ok, we'll get through this!