Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For all you still out there..

Ok, I know. I'm probably the world's worst blogger.....but in my defense, my mother has practically been doing all my blogging for me. So, check out hers; she's a lot more witty than I am anyways! In the five months since my last post (I thought the gingerbread houses were pretty great), I went to two proms, got a couple of awards (got to love being a senior!), suffered through the evils of an English Senior Exit Project, won a cheer competition or two, attended my fair share of banquets, made some memories with my best friends at home, graduated High School, threw a grad party, and as of last week moved onto college! It's pretty exciting stuff, I must say. Here's a picture recap.

My dear Colie got prom king :]

My last day parked in my SENIOR parking spot..

Goodbye Great Oak High School. You've been too good to me....blessing me with so many amazing opportunities, great teachers, and wonderful experiences, all of which I don't believe I'm truly worthy of. Thanks for the best four years! The Wolfpack will live on in my heart (is that too High School Musical of me?) forever :] Oh, and we're all in this together..haha.

On to more mature things! This is my roommate Andy. She's from Texas and is probably one of the kindest girls I've ever met. Oh, and she's clean...which is as good as about five million bucks in my book.

And this is what I call my B-trifecta. (B-rad, Blake, & my dearest Bow-short for Bowman) I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about them in the future...


Vicki said...

NO WAY...You actually blogged. You are taking all my material away from me. haha. I hope I don't have to wait 5 more months until it is time for gingerbread houses again...Love ya Hay...and what are you talking about? YOU ARE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL-- FOREVER.

Lauren said...

....WHAT IS THIS I SEE???? you really are all grown up now.. blogging and everything! but for some reason it doesn't even feel like you live ten minutes from me... i haven't seen you since, well, yesterday morning, but still.

The Edison's... plus two! said...

yay! I am so proud! Every time I look it's the ginger bread houses (Which I love... but I love to see new too). Make sure Laureny takes good care of you! Have fun. Keep blogging so i can stay caught up!