Monday, October 20, 2008

Ryan Sherman. aka Tony "the guppy" Gippeto, Big Dog....

.....some times he even makes me call him Master. Kidding.

Picture the exact opposite of me. Uninhibited, crude, always full of surprises, witty, a wee-bit lazy, definitely ADHD...basically everything I can think of that I wish I was more of, so I didn't have to feel so boring...well, this is my co-asb president. Maybe we balance each other out? I hope so. But let me tell you just a little bit about him.

First of all, this is the guy that on our "Be a kid again" dress-up day at school, came in nothing but an adult Depends diaper. NOTHING else. Yes, I'm dead serious. And yes, he was only a junior. He was sent home, (somehow extremely hairy, bare legs and his super freckly stomach don't qualify as dress-code appropriate..), but needless to say, Ryan made a lasting impression on every person on our campus that day. He brought his own new "Sherm-style" definition to "school spirit."

Take two. It was "Old school dress-up day." Ryan decides to take it down a notch. Well, okay maybe only somewhat--he shows up in a 6 year-old's Pocahontas Halloween costume, (I'd say he was going super old school), that barely reached the bottom of his briefs....ahem, you get the picture. (He managed to actually grace us with underwear this day :)]

Take three. For homecoming this year I was able to fulfill my High School Musical fantasy. I was cast as Gabriella....and who do you think was cast as my love interest Troy? My beloved Sherman. We were in charge of our own costumes...which we were instructed to base off a specific scene in the movie. Ry decides to change it up Sherm-dizzle style and wear a coconut bra and grass skirt instead. (This was after I assured him that no, the administration would not allow him to wear his speedo.) Was I surprised? Not really. Was it a hit? Absolutely. Here we are:

Take four. Homecoming dance. We're all in formal wear. He was actually being quite the gentleman...and just when we are shooting the picture, he goes in for his infamous shock value. Well, you can see what I mean, look at his right hand:

I feel like I need to repent or something. Even though he was clearly six inches from me..... Ugh, that's Sherman.

You can't help but love the guy. He's quirky and he's slick, he's teasing and quite the kick, not to mention sometimes annoying as a tick....but I wouldn't go so far as to call him a pr____. Nah, not quite. He's my lovable Ry....who gives the most amazing back-scratches and hugs, and will do anything I ask after a few good the same time of being a little too obsessed with praying mantis bugs. I never tell you enough, but I sure do adore you Ry.


dad said...

ryan you are a dead man....haley's dad

Lauren said...

that is so funny. ed's comment makes it that much greater.

my dear sister, you have a serious talent for writing.

loved the post.