Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer sun.

Spending lots of fun in the sun with this cute guy as of late.

Sun bathing is usually my desired summer activity, only it became a much more pertinent hobby when Trav so lovingly informed me, "You're really white, kid." It was strangely familiar to the time he took me home after a full day of being together, kissed me goodnight, and whispered in my ear, "You need to brush your teeth, kid." I'd only ate the onions he was referring to AT LUNCH.

He loves me. Seriously.

His family has a river house and he's convinced that the canary palm tree above will make him rich. Only he would know that there is a lucrative market for them....and only he wouldn't care that the Colorado River Indians will come after him for taking it!

For now enjoying my free-from-chains, rich-in-love boyfriend and steadily increasing tan. Life couldn't be better.

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Lula. said...

I love you two. And Trav's random fount of knowledge.