Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prodigal blogging daughter.

How does one come back from a long hiatus?

That has been the question I've been asking myself for MONTHS. I've been taking notes from Tia & Tamera on their E! reality tv show...and I figure if they can do it, so can I. (Can anyone else believe they pulled that one off?)

Anyhow, it was my senior year and it was nothing short of fast, stressful, and amazing.

The highlights:

  • Parachute at the state fair
  • Many nights' helpings of pazookie
  • Bundled football games with FRONT ROW seats
  • Knowing the true identity of Cosmo our beloved Cougar ;) 
  • Election-year political rally
  • Kenzie's 90's-themed surprise birthday party
  • Dating my best friend of five years
  • Falling (a lot) at disco skating
  • Meeting lions, tigers, and bears at Utah's Hogle Zoo
  • Getting back on my snowboarding horse - also falling (a lot)
  • Spending time with my family peeps
  • School projects with my BSBF's (business school best friends)
  • Going to my last class---EVER. 
  • Babysitting my little loves
  • Living with my little sister for the last time
  • Walking in commencement

**You know he's a winner when he'll take a pole picture with you.

Thanks to everyone who loved, helped, and supported me through the journey. I can't believe it's already over!


Lula. said...

So happy about your return to blogging.

Vicki said...

don't know how i missed the blogging. Guess i got outta the habit of checking it....ahhh hey it is September ...almost bout some more info on your glorious life!?