Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a pole world.

When I was sixteen, I took this picture. In my mind it looked pretty aesthetically pleasing--even frame-worthy enough to be up on display in my Grammy's house. My mother & sister Lauren thought otherwise. They've made fun of me/it ever since.

I decided to do what all other good and amicable tease-ees choose to do. I ran with it; a move inspired after Regina George in Mean Girls (ya know, who continues to flaunt her shirt even after she discovers that two holes have been cut out around bust area?). She was able to start a trend. I wasn't so fortunate. But it nonetheless captured me through some major moments of my life.

Even this foreign adventure. So basically, Mom & Lu, it was like you were there with me too.

From Pole Collages_1

This semester went by so fast, it's almost unreal. Finals are over. My last papers are turned in. My bags are in the process of being packed. I've already had to say goodbye to my bunk-mate!

But I don't want to get sappy.

My mom comes in less than forty-eight hours. We are going to tear this place up in a one-of-a-kind European adventure. It's going to be grand.....and I'm looking forward to adding these pictures to the collection too..

And then I'll finally be home...and this experience will have been nothing more than a fairytale-like memory. So sad.


The Edison's... plus two! said...

i am laughing because the first pic is so famous that even I knew it existed:). i happen to think it is excetionally cute of you!

Lauren said...

Hahahaha! DIE-ing. So cute. I love you so much. But I hate you so much too because I want to be a part of this adventure, however, thank you for including me in this small way--the POLE adventures. My favorite is the tiny one at Stonehenge. Hilarious. And your illustrations of those yet to come.

I can't believe its over. Live it up girl! (for all of us).


Elise Elizabeth Hansen said...

Why are you the cutest thing ever!?! I am going to miss you so freaking much!! Have a blast with your mom

Vicki said...

Lu took my words--loved the adlib at Stonehenge with the tiny little stick...big chuckle! Won't be long now! Just a few hours! You are adorable hanging from anything Haley Walker!