Friday, April 1, 2011

I do other things but walk London.

I promise. But this is the final, last of the last assignments for this walking class so....please bear with me through this post. Or rather yet, just skip it. You hear me? SKIP IT!

Except you, Professor Crowe. 

The Favorite Three: 

1. Soho to Trafalgar Square.  Mostly because it's really fresh on my mind, this walk was also downright exciting. The West End theater district, the entertainment industry hub, Soho, Chinatown, a protest in the square......they were all places I would have walked around and visited eventually before my leave anyway. The whole walk hardly felt like a class assignment. I was just an American girl out experiencing the British world--kind of like an Amanda Bynes movie.

2. Central Parks. London parks are clean and beautiful. Aerial creatures and their mechanic movements are beautiful. Springtime provides sunshine and blossoming flowers, which are extremely beautiful after this most chilling winter I've experienced. All factors combined made for a golden walk experience I'm not likely to forget. It also helped that this walk was done with Brenden & Spring, and if you haven't noticed, I quite fancy them and their presence. Since I'm feeling extra nice this evening, I'll admit that they are also quite beautiful, too. So it was the complete walking package.

3. Bankside & Southward. A walk really can't go wrong when it includes THE ultimate food mecca, also known as the Burough Market. Time has begun to wind down and I'm starting to have to think about going home and all the London things I will miss. You better believe this place and its yogurt-covered banana chips are number one, all thanks to the introduction provided by this walk. PLUS, all the "Hay" insignia surrounding the area further proved our necessary & perhaps divinely-intended friendship; you just shouldn't ignore signs.

And there you have it. Thanks Professor Crowe, you really made me prove the legitimacy of my name.


Vicki said...

Cute. you and the post. always cute.
both you and your posts.

ps. 12 days!

The Old CWT said...

Haley, thank you for giving me permission NOT to skip this final walks blog.

I will miss reading your walks blogs---you seem to always find interesting points of interest on your walks. This Hay's Lane photo is a good example. Thanks for doing such good work on this assignment. I hope your blogs will be a nice cache of London memories for you.