Sunday, August 9, 2009

G.I. Joe- the premiere.

Boys. I got stuck riding with these little ninjas......I didn't even dress up for the HSM3 premiere...that means these kids REALLY are dorks.

Adam kept trying to snuggle. But dude. The mustache was SICK. And not the cool kind of sick....I would have said DANK instead....I'm saying real disgusting sick. I wouldn't go within five feet of him. #1 mistake: that's bear fur....not facial hair. #2 mistake: it's a STICKER. (I'm shuddering right now.)

He guilted me in ONE picture. No harm, no fowl.


UGHHH!!! Eww!!! SICK, SICK, SICK. I nearly vomited.


Vicki said...

Hilarious...what... not even a kiss on the cheek.? need therapy over this sticker phobia! ahaha

Lauren said...

hahahahahaha! i love that it was a sticker. really really hilarious.