Monday, August 31, 2009

Stolen Identity.

There is nothing like the BYU campus during its regular semester sessions to make you feel more ordinary and insignificant. Everyone seems to have been a cheerleader. Everyone seems to have been student body president. Everyone plays the piano and has more musical talent than Jessica Simpson. And worse, you are reminded of it every there as lines and lines of these clones EVERYWHERE you go.

I'm making my way to my first classes...

Who am I again?



ahlin said...

oh my gosh. i know. so true. i cant imagine what it's like to come here without having gone to summer term first cause it's still super daunting.

p.s. we need to have lunch sometime. my tues and thursdays are completely open after 2. loves! good luck with classes!

Vicki said...

I knows, I knows, and I told ya--I felt that way too. Somehow you find your niche and just settle in. I often wonder if it is that very reason so many people just say, "Ok, time to move on and get married." I am missin my Hay. xoxo