Friday, August 7, 2009

Only in Utah does a boy take four hours to plan and prepare a date. ONLY in Utah. Everywhere else, it's dinner, a movie, and home. Simple. Predictable. Status Quo. Oh, and they always expect a kiss at the end.... Hey, it's the truth!

It was quite the surprise when I was greeted with this:

Hayley and I (funny, huh?) had to solve the riddle attached...which had quite the astronomical twist.

They took us star gazing....but Adam preferred this type of "gazing":

Porter was much more romantic.

Then they took out plain white T's (no, not the band!) and we played war with glow-in-the-dark liquid we were making our own constellations!

And as if the night wasn't elaborate enough, they brought out "sparklers" too!

You know what they say college does to you...

Just kidding!


Anonymous said...

What a ball!! You look gorgeoso and that Adam...hunka, hunka, burnin' love! ha ha Word has it, your mom is saving the hot attic for you to clean out!!
She's got me cleanin' out my drawers and cupboards too...thank goodness my house is 1/4 the size! :) See you in 1 week little Missy! Holly

Vicki said...

Oh my goodness...This post is ADORABLE. I am with Hawl, that Adam is a hunka hunka! Wow what a creative and fun date!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean they want a kiss at the end?


Princess Danell said...

You had better pace yourself. You still have 3 + years of college left. Good to see you, briefly. Have fun! season is just around the corner.