Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Operation: Chairlift.

A typical work day includes editing and uploading the latest media footage to the network drive, researching various grants and sponsorships, creating yet another Colin excel sheet of sorts, and writing more e-mails than I typical type in a week. I may or may not have left out the (pretty) frequent facebook update checks.....I'm only human.

Sara and I were surprised to walk into work on Friday and find that our sole task of the day was to pick up an office chair. A big, black office chair donated by a swanky financial trade company.

....it was fifteen blocks.

Can you just try and picture that sight for a moment? Doesn't it seem like it would be rather comical, doing it without my much depreciated car at home?

Well, leave it to New Yorkers to take the quirkiness and fun out of everything. They didn't look or laugh once at the sight of two young girls wheeling each other around Midtown. It's almost like no matter what, they've seen far more bizarre around this city.

I think it's safe to say that the chair needs some new shoes.

And maybe.....I do too.

Totally kidding! I say that to myself everyday.


Vicki said...

No you don't need new shoes. In fact you don't need anything---go back to that school you were at last week and look around!

PS cute post--yur a funny one.

Breanna said...

haha you are hilarious.

I love you.

and miss you terribly.

ps: I would have laughed :]

Lauren said...

I can totally imagine you in this situation... flabbergasted that no one is laughing at you. Like Bre, I would have laughed with you.

And you look so freaking cute in every picture. You seriously got a whole new wardrobe before shipping off east, didn't you?