Friday, March 19, 2010

And we call it: The Sisterhood.

....the Sisterhood of the Traveling VEST to be exact.

Can I just start by saying I love these girls?
(please don't mind our immodesty--we were in the process of playing dress-up!)

These are my very best friends here up at BYU....they fill the entire spectrum of girl species. 


Anyways, we used to all get giddy about living with each other once we moved out of the dorms this coming year.
That is until they all decided to transfer schools (except Lauren and me). So sad.

A little rewind: last semester sometime, we had pushed our beds together so that we could (comfortably) all watch a movie together. It was Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Love that movie. We were about half way through it when we had the ultimate epiphany. Oh my goodness, we are so them!

It goes like this:
Mallory: (the only brunette in the world that purposefully dyes her hair red) is Tibby. You know the weird one that puts the sticker on her forehead? Yeah. 
She's a little......different. But that's the reason you love her. You know? Plus, she eventually starts dating the sweet, video-gamer Asian kid. Mal also has that interracial relationship status thing going on too. Tibby.

Emily: (my roommate with the wannabe tattoo) is Carmen with the big booty. Emily has more junk in her trunk than anyone I know. I can almost visibly see the Oreos and Peanut Butter she treats herself to on study breaks go immediately there. Not really. But still. Carmen is the one responsible for the unlikely friendship of the group. Plus she is never afraid to speak her mind. Considering Em is the most assertive AND aggressive in our little group, we thought the characterization was pretty applicable. Carmen.

Lauren: (the blonde that looks like Baby Spice) is Bridget. She is the naturally beautiful, super athletic, always up for a good time, one. Considering most people don't classify cheer as a technical sport (which is such a shame because IT IS), she's also the only one of us that was a high school athlete....she LOVES to run. Frankly, it disgusts me. But whatever. I do have to add this little disclaimer though.  In the movie Bridget chases the most attractive soccer player imaginable, something we all can't quite say for Lauren. We are working on in it though....(kidding Lauren!). Bridget.

Me: (with the roundest face of the entire group) they say I'm Lena. I don't necessarily agree with their reasoning, but apparently I have the whole creativity thing going on like her. (I was so flattered). Plus, she's a more reserved brunette....... I can only hope that I'll someday find some beautiful Greek man as she does. I'll keep you informed. Lena.

Hillary: (wearing the crazy cheetah) she's Bailey, but for reasons I'm not even exactly sure. I think it was just because she always came up with random things to say.....maybe? In any case, we all kind of felt bad that we gave her the dead girl, so we decided she could be Lena's sister Effie who tries to steal Tibby's boyfriend, as well. Hillary has this weird thing where she crushes on older men and little children, which is kind of creepy. Don't you think? She wont hesitate to admit that she has a little something something for Mal's dad. Yeah.......Bailey/Effie/A simply weird girl. We'll just leave it at that.

Before Mal/Tib left us this semester, we held our little sisterhood ritual in the dark hall lounge at 3 am in the morning. We decided on the rules of the Sisterhood, written down in the notebook. Each sister gets the vest for exactly one month until she passes it over. The other rules you might ask? It's a secret.

Guess who's turn it is? 
You guessed it. I got this in the mail yesterday, such a nice surprise.

And guess where i get to send it? Hawaii, for the one and only Carmen in my life.

Isn't life so great and wonderful with good friends?


ahlin said...

that is so fun! me and my apartment might do that with a scarf! seriously so cute.

p.s. love the vest.

HI said...

Aw love this! Miss you terribly come back to me soonnnn!

Vicki said...

I hope home isn't too boring for you after all my leeetle sweeet. xo Still...I can't wait.

Lisa said...

I=lame. I forgot to send you a wedding invitation. Obviously you are invited. I sent one to your parents, to lu and ben, to brooke and trent, and I forgot to send one to the dorms for you. Don't hate me?

All the info you need is at

Forgive me?

Crowngirl said...

ah I love this sisterhood of the traveling pants! my roommates are like my sisters too, we are all unique in our own ways and it helps balance us out. This is such a cute idea!

The Edison's... plus two! said...

love this! so cute. i also love that movie (an added bonus). and i would like to imagine so Greek god is waiting out there for you :)