Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's the word...

You know those days when you just feel.....BLAH...?

That's been today. Actually, it's been the past week.

Why do we sometimes get in these ruts? We don't want to work, we don't want to do laundry, we don't want to go to the gym, we don't care if we eat more evil calories, we don't care if we shower...etc..etc. It's so counterproductive since it only leads to us feeling more fat, more gross, more pathetic, more behind, more BLAH.

I hate BLAH.

Anyways, I was sitting in class today, thinking about BLAH, when my computer screen savor popped up with its picture slide show. Of all pictures, this decided to make an appearance, the first time I've seen it in a long time:

It made BLAH go away long enough to wink a smile, reminiscent of such a simple, happy time. I was a sophomore in high school when I found out that Nick Lachey was making a concert stop at the nearby Pechanga Casino. I called my parents in a frenzy and for whatever reason, they relented to get me tickets. Maybe my dad secretly liked his heartbroken album too....but back to the story. It was the night of the concert, my friends and I were anxiously awaiting the show, and in walks our cheer coach. "Coach Nic? What are you doing here?"

Supposedly, Coach Nic was good friends with dreamy boy's body guard. She claimed they exchanged texts all the time. I didn't believe her until she returned with three passes.

I was on the stage, inches away from Nick Lachey, and he sang to me. I could have grabbed his backside if I wanted to....(that thought did come to mind in my fifteen seconds of fame). It was probably one of the greatest nights of my life.

In fact, it was a lot like this:

I love moments like those; moments that are vivacious and unexpected. Now why can't we ever get into THAT kind of funk?


Vicki said...

Awww...little blah Haley Walker. I remember when you were like that about Aaron Carter...Quit bein blah. Mommy loves you.

Lauren said...

Yeah. QUIT BEING BLAH!!! LU loves you. And for the record, you are NOT, I repeat NOT NOT fat. You weirdo.