Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've heard patience is a virtue.

 .....and that good things come to those who wait. Well goodness knows, I've been waiting.

I have been pining so long for my parents to fly my little sister Mackenzie out to P-town to spend a weekend with me.....and for her to fit me into her busy dizzy schedule (she's on two cheer teams, juggles two boyfriends, was just elected senior class president, yady-yada-ya). The time has finally come. It's like the curtain is about to be drawn.....and I am so giddy with excitement.

Kenzie, Kenzoli, Pookums, or if you'd prefer to call her Miss Booty, is one of my very best friends. Even though we are on complete different sides of the spectrum (I don't have the talent to commend ONE boys attention, much less TWO...), we balance each other out, with flavor. You know what I mean?

So I've come up with a few reasons as to why should she go to school up here:
1. I'm here. Need I explain more?
2. There are tons of cute boys. Can you imagine the damage she could do?
3. The Brutsch's & Barker's reside in the area. It's been such a blessing being able to be around my sisters and their families. Being able to watch my nephew and nieces grow up has been a priceless treasure.
4. I'm here. I missed her too much this year! We were not meant to be so far away from each other for so long.
5. We could cuddle ALL the time. We love that. It's probably one of our favorite hobbies.
6. She could give me tips....Ya, I know I'm supposed to be the wise, older sister. Don't rub it in, okay?
7. We could share clothes, again. It's been rough having to be creative with my own wardrobe!
8. She could drink BYU's chocolate milk ALL the time. She doesn't know it yet, but she's addicted. Just like me. Just like you would be, too.

And oh ya, did I mention I'm here?

Provo, we only got one shot at this Utah conversion. I'm ready to give this trip my all, my everything. Are you?


ahlin said...

i'm so impressed with all your blogging! i love it :) and you are freaking hilarious.

i'm so excited to see kenz! love that girl. and i totally just did a post about gina. how serendipitous.

Lauren said...

hahaha. cute cute post. and what about IM HERE 3x???

I would be so giddy to have her here also.. love that girl.