Wednesday, January 19, 2011


For part of the SA program, we are required to do these certain twelve Lo (that's what I'm calling it from here on out) walks and then report on them. So Professor Crowe, this one goes out to you.

This was the first walk around London that I tried to tackle--Bloomsbury, not to be confused with blueberry, which I personally have found hard to differentiate. After too many horror stories from my fellow mates about getting lost for two hours and getting stalked by creepy blokes in Diagon-like alley ways (I'm praying you appreciate my new British slang), I was prepared for the longest morning (and possibly afternoon, if all H-E-double hockey sticks broke loose) of my life.

But it was British bliss. It set a high precedent, one that beat out even eating chocolate pastries and taking naps on the train in being labeled my new favorite pastime.... You’d think I was kidding.

The truth is, it’s so easy to get absorbed in Timeout’s 100 Things You Must See in London, that I’ve overlooked the real reverie of this extraordinary place--the history and breathtaking architecture found in every last nook and cranny.

This walk led us into a good one hour homework power session in the British Museum, through the glorious exterior Georgian architecture surrounding Bedford Square (plus some others I can't quite remember the names of...), lunch and window shopping in the shops of Brunswick Square, and a Kodak moment in front of the home of Charles Dickens-- just as a few highlights. Though the walk led through some handsome residential districts, after awhile it started to become repetitious so I really found the last fourth of the walk through obscure alley ways and neighboring traditional pubs like Queen's Larder to be especially appealing. 

I guess they really knew what they say, save the best for last.

(The group in front of Dicken's humble London abode.) 


Vicki said...

Just lovin all these posts. I think you should be a writer when you grow up!

Gwynne said...

Hi Haley across the pond! Loving hearing about your experiences and all you are learning. Thanks for sharing and keep the posts coming as I doubt I will ever get to London myself :/ Enjoy and be safe!

The Old CWT said...

Wonderful work, Haley. Your posts are fun to read, and the photos will be great reminders of your days in London long after you've returned to the drudgery of normal life.