Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the power of love.

Queen Victoria has always been my favorite royal. Her story about coming to the throne at the age of eighteen has always been a go-to girl power thought of mine when feeling less than mediocre.

But I just discovered that Queen Vicky is even cooler than I thought.
In fact, she's practically rocking my London world.

She's responsible for emphasizing the role of family in the UK. Her displays of public affection with King Albert and her outings with her children changed the face of the royal family and familial social ques in Britain forever. I also think it's pretty great that she was humble enough to share her work with her husband--something not everyone in power would be willing to do. You know, from my experience of holding power.....joke.

But the best part? Not only did she have his clothes and shaving kit laid out every day after his death, she had every fence in London painted black for his funeral.

To which they are still painted black in memory of her mourning to this day. isn't that romantic?



Vicki said...

Yes love that Queen Vicky. I think you should name your first girl after me, I mean her.

Lauren said...

I thought the same thing about those two... AL and Vicky. So romantic. Jealousy is oozing right now. Loving your posts, AND your British slang.