Monday, January 24, 2011

The City (East).

Yes, another one. My apologies.

This walk started out at the Tower of London and proceeded into the financial hub of London, including the immaculate Lloyds and Royal Exchange buildings. I felt very at home because it was reminiscent of my summer spent in New York stalking young professionals on Wall Street at lunch time. (Funny I never mentioned that before.) I think this helped my case as the walk's co-leader, alongside Jamie. I taught them the ways of business flirtation, though we weren't very successful in Leadenhall market. If the men weren't enough to make me return, the first Mexican restaurant I've seen since my arrival AND a Ben's Cookies will.

Don't panic, Mom.

With somewhat defeated egos, we decided to throw our "serious" young adult personas aside.  This is what resulted in the glory of St. Lawrence Jewry Church. We had to ask a young professional for assistance.

The walk continued past the St. Mary-le-Bow Church, the old garlic district, merchant houses, and the Great Fire of 1666 monument.

The closed passage at Wren City Church caused some confusion, but a young professional redeemingly helped us on our way, where we were able to return to the tube station as happy walkers.

Haley the Walker. Ha.


The Old CWT said...

Hurray for young professionals! I'm glad you navigated this walk so well. Great photos, too, Haley.

Vicki said...

cute pics Haley the walker. Glad you found your voice and are blogging again!