Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bankside & Southward.

Any activity (or in this case, walk) can be a good time with the right attitude. But want to know how to make one that begins with a cold, constant rainfall and a closed tube station that forces you to take an unchartered parallel route the first forty minutes, the best day of your week?

Include the Borough Market.

Really, it's that simple.

This market was on the south bank of the Thames Rover alongside the likes of the Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe, Southwark cathedral, and Hay's Galleria (named in honor of me, of course). It was the most appetizing and attractive display of wholesale fruits, vegetables, artisan breads, pies, jams, desserts, and too-many-to-name dishes these eyes have ever laid sights on. I thought I had drowned in a puddle and come back to life again--it was heaven.

I like to think I made my food connoisseur sister proud. I tasted every sample. I devoured a pork sandwich at eleven o'clock in the morning as an early lunch. I indulged myself in a fresh orange, apple, and banana juice drink and yogurt-covered banana chips (to die for, by the way). I even had a bite of Ramsey's kangaroo burger, which I think isn't even legal. You heard me.

(I don't know why we didn't get pictures of the good stuff...)

We finished the walk with a near full-belly waddle over the Tower Bridge, which wont be stopping me from going back every Saturday morning from here on out. (It's been nine hours and I'm still mad at myself for not getting the Seriously Hot salsa and my own bag of yogurt-covered banana chips. Hmph.)


Lauren said...

(That's me practically screaming because those were two of my very favorite things in London).

I could spend all day every day at the Borough Market. Sooo beautiful, right??? Why must you taunt me like this?

I love you.

Princess Danell said...

Tate Gallery...the BEST! SOunds like you're having fun.

The Old CWT said...

Haley, a kangaroo burger? I'm reporting you and Ramzi to the local PETA group.

It looks like you had a terrific group to join you on this walk. Thanks for posting it.