Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fleet Street & St. Paul's.

This walk was a teaser. It started with the striking St. Paul's cathedral and lead us up and away to a plethora of other churches that albeit charming, weren't nearly as comparable. As the old centre of London's printing and publishing industries, this western section of the city was highly commercial, brilliantly incorporating the grizzled buildings responsible for the area's traditional reputation and the new buildings of a more diverse economic sector. I imagine it's quite a fun game for the city planners to find innovative ways to work around such historical construction. Other notable sites were the private, residential neighborhood we stumbled into while lost, Shakespeare's Blackfriars Playhouse (an indoor theatre that was unusual for the time), and the funky Blackfriar Pub (the only one in the city decorated in the art nouveau style)--to name just a few.

Elise, our fearless leader, in front of Dr. Johnson's house--he wrote a dictionary.


The Old CWT said...

Great photos, Haley. Now that you've seen St Pauls, you've seen one of the great London landmarks.

Vicki said...

I am impressed with your writing, Hay. Wow. or is that all you? ha.

seriously. well written.xo

Vicki said...

PS. i am going to send you some crystal lite packets!