Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lambeth & South Bank.

It's not very often that Lady Sunshine likes to make an appearance in these parts. In fact, I think it was in the prep class that I was told to only expect twenty-one hours of sun in the whole month of February. Yeah.

Well, She came out on this day. I even got to take my my coat off--yes, outside! It felt like Christmas cheer (in a non-cold/snowy way).

It was GLORIOUS, especially when alongside the river embankment, opposite Big Ben, Somerset House, and Cleopatra's Needle. I'd have to say, it was probably my favorite walk of all time.

Prominent events of the walk:
1. Getting up-close & personal with the London Eye.
2. Spotting the first (and probably only drinking fountain in England--same goes for trash cans, root bear, toilet-seat covers...actually, probably just toilets period, and Crystal Light packets, in case you were wondering.)
3. Finishing the estimated 90-minute walk in only forty-five minutes, all thanks to the best walk leader Kaylee. I may have broken a bit of a sweat at one point.
4. Seeing everything from the opposite side of the river.
5. Feeling like home while passing through a skate park next to the BFI Southbank Theatre. The graffeti in that den was pretty sweet; I would have taken a picture if A. Kaylee wasn't so athletically endured and B. I didn't feel like I'd get beaten up by a skater for doing so.

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The Old CWT said...

Haley, I'm glad you had some sunshine for this walk---everything is better when the sun's shining. Thanks for posting the report and the great photos.

I have this as your 6th walk; you're now halfway finished. Keep up the good work.