Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Sisters,

I've finally finished my Sisterhood duty and sent off  the Vest (capitalized for proper noun status). It's about a month and a half over the allotted time, specified in our Traveling Sisterhood rules--and I'm truly sorry.

I must say we had a lovely time together in London.....and it will definitely be different/hard/sad without the shelter of her little corset-like fit around my body in the new places I visit.

But.....she will probably appreciate the warm vacation she's headed for to see Miss Emily Ure.
I made sure my last words to her at the post office were Aloha.


P.S. It's very possible that I found my own Greek-like man--just saying. I was really worried about that when I came up empty-handed last round. Just kidding.



Lauren said...

Such a darling photo of you!!

The Edison's... plus two! said...

seriously... agree with laureny. i was just leaving a comment to let you know, but she beat me to it! such a cute photo (but really, i'd expect nothing less)