Friday, March 18, 2011


A Welsh word. Do not bother asking me how it is pronounced. Apparently the Welsh language feels no need for vowels, and therefore must have another winning strategy for the games of Hangman and Wheel of Fortune.
                                                                                                      ....They'd have to, right??

Just a few snippets from my recent trip to Wales:

The most savage winds I've ever encountered. We are talking human movable winds.

Monastic ruins of Tintern Abbey. Pretty, pretty. I'm not peeing my pants, in case you were curious.

Exploring cute new towns.

And fitting in the modeling work we do on the side...

*Not pictured: An excursion into the very dark shafts of Big Pitt, a coal mine. Definitely the highlight of the entire trip, mostly because a) how many people can say they've done that, and b) our 60-something old tour guide Robert was a hoot....and I developed quite the serious crush on him.

P.S. This is my 100th post! It's been an inconsistent and (I realize) a prolonged journey, but it's kind of crazy to me to think that I started this out as a sophomore in high school, hoping to someday be a Cougar at now being a sophomore Cougar at BYU. Ra, ra, ra, ra, ra.


Eliza said...

Hayley-Just thought you should know that I officially stock your blog and LOVE it. You are leading quite the charmed life-as every almost last to last child should.:) Seriously, you are on such an adventure and I love to read/hear all about it. Keep it coming.

Vicki said...

glad to hear you weren't peeing your pants...jeez. ha