Monday, March 14, 2011

Regent's Park.

"Mind over matter." That's what I had to keep telling myself when this walk started out with a hike up the only fraction of elevated land to be found in this great city. There was a man doing his cardiovascular regimen up and down it, wheezing like a man about to die, so you can understand my initial qualms. I booked it to the top, probably giving the man a run for his money, (maybe), but only because I wanted to get the ordeal over with and eat my pb&j atop Primrose Hill, overlooking a pretty stellar panorama view. I had never realized until looking across that fine landscape of green and blue that all the major elements of the city are that close close to each other. The subway is a tricky work of magic; it totally threw off my perception of space. I can easily walk everywhere my heart so desires and squeeze some of my own exercise in, while also.....this is a tangent. Moving on.

I really enjoyed this walk. It took us through a cute, trendy shopping area (where rumor has it, Jude Law resides) and through the beauties of Regent's Park, which made me quite reminiscent of my days in Central Park (the New York one) simply because it had a little something to offer to everyone, besides the obvious satisfaction in walking. Is that a run-on sentence? Sorry. There was a boating house, open theaters, duck ponds, football fields (the soccer version), and a zoo. I would have said they only needed to add an ice-skating rink to be complete, but truth is, I really enjoyed the sight of the first spring flowers blooming in Queen Mary's Park. The last portion led us through a posh neighborhood, which I'm about 74 and a half % positive is where they filmed The Parent Trap. Maybe 75 and a fourth % positive.

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