Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's been said, "many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers."

Lucky for me I only feel the need to look for those gems on St. Patty's Day (no judgment if your preferences aren't the same). Also lucky for me, I spent this year's in Ireland. So I didn't have to look very far. They were on every restaurant menu, store window, and child's painted face--including my own.

Spending this holiday in Dublin was insanely festive. They really pulled out all the stops with decorations (most buildings changed out their light bulbs for green ones!), park carnivals, street clog dancing, and the most bizarre parade I've ever experienced. I was thinking high-school marching bands and floats....but it was more like interpretive dancers in creepy, artsy costumes that seemed to last eons of times and was a lot like this (sorry Mom). Except times a thousand. I had to leave early and grab lunch before I became too disturbed.

They DO do the holiday right, though. Especially when we drove to a more village-y like place called Kilkenny and spent the entire evening circulating through their four pubs and following fighting, intoxicated couples for sheer amusement. The Irish go out hard. In fact, I was a little bit surprised that we saw so many people when out and about the next morning.

The sites here were gorgeous; though after watching movies like P.S. I Love You, would you expect anything less or different?

This trip documentation wouldn't be complete without mentioning:
1. The six-pack of apples I consumed EVERY DAY for just 79 pence.
2. The discovery of the best tv channel ever (the Vault), who played an endless amount of my childhood's most beloved music videos (that I used to record on blank vhs tapes and dance to in my bedroom for hours). So what if I still do.
3. Brenden's Abe Lincoln/Elf & Mike's Leprechaun with an Asian-Tourist-Twist costumes. The people of Dublin loved them. They were asked for numerous pictures. I felt like I was with US Magazine's most revered celebrities.
4. Brazen Head Pub and the satisfying salmon I consumed there--thank you program funds.
5. The Falling Gems game app I was introduced to and now can't put down. I always refused to allow myself to download AngryBirds, but I think this is pretty comparable in addiction potential. Download with caution.

Oh, and upon arrival we made a little stop at Guinness. (Not the world's most prestigious record keeping title--the other one.)

It all makes sense after seeing it in SO much action.


Joyce said...

Gramma and I are still laughing over Brenden's Abe Lincoln/Leprechaun costume...and REALLY? How many people actually get to be in Ireland on St. Patrick's DAY!!!!

Lauren said...

Who ARE you right now???? Seriously, I can't believe all of the incredible things you have been able to do... I'm not even gonna know you when you get back, Miss WORLD-freaking-traveler! Amazing. Seriously though, come back soon.