Thursday, March 17, 2011

Westminster and St. James's.

There's something so indulging about looking at Big Ben. I haven't quite put my finger on it yet--if it's the gold anatomy, the quintessential London tourist fulfillment, or the political/aristocratic heritage of the vicinity, but it really does something for me. It doesn't even matter how many times I go to see it.

This walk takes you in a circular path around Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, 10 Downing Street (the abode of Mr. Prime Minister), Buckingham Palace, St. James's Park, and Westminster Abbey. It's basically the celebrity home tour of England. It's great fun. Sharon, Kaylee, and I (we started a walking crew if you hadn't noticed..) didn't feel like we were doing a required walk at all.

I've come to view Big Ben like one of my favorite movies that I'll never tire of. It was great this time around, and I'm sure he will be great the next ten times I walk around too, as I'm confident I will do before I leave.

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The Old CWT said...

Nice work, Haley Wawa---you have terrific photos and great narration to go with them; this blog is a gem!

My records show that you have only one walk left: Soho to Trafalga Square. Is that right?