Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kew to Hammersmith.

I'll be honest, this wasn't my favorite. The last three-fourths walking through an American-like suburban housing development and the much too prolonged stroll down the less commercial parts of the Thames River were disappointing. However, I did make three fairly important observations.

1. The area around Kew station is where I would chose to live, if by some odd miracle of fate I had the chance to do that here. It's the perfect place; it's far enough from the busy parts of the city but close enough to still be in the city, if that makes sense. There was an artsy, almost small-village like vibe about it that was only enhanced with its presence of young couples and families wandering into the charming family-run stores. 

2. Kew is an interesting name. How do names and words come about anyway? How do languages emerge into the established systems they become? I mean, Chinese calligraphy makes sense. They drew pictures of what they saw. But words. Kew. Hammersmith. Haley. It's like I'm seeing these for the first time. It's weird.

3. Anything, and I really mean anything, can be made into a good time when someone runs into a pole unexpectedly. Kaylee, acting again as the leader, was looking at her book to brush up on coming directions when she walked right into one. We all stopped, not really sure if it had really happened, but then got caught up in five-minutes worth of rolling laughter. You should have someone try it. It was great fun, for us observing at least.

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