Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Soho to Trafalgar Square.

My last and final London walk. Hooray!  

I didn't intentionally save the best for last. If I had, I would have thought it through a little better and made sure I wasn't the only student to do so. You see, as fate would have it, I didn't think things through and DID have to go at this walk alone--in all my Asian tourist-esque map-following glory. But this isn't me complaining. I actually quite enjoyed being able to go at my own pace.

This walk was the Jack of all [walking] trades.
Diverse. Cosmopolitan. Rousing...plus a plethora of other positive adjectives you'll only roll your eyes at because I have a problem condensing my vocabulary. But you hopefully get the idea.

It led me through the center of both the textile & fashion industries, past the Twentieth Century Fox offices, to William Blake's (the poet) birthplace, into the hub of the music and film industry (I was quite twitterpated here....), around the red-light district (which is almost nothing in comparison to that found in Amsterdam--a good thing), among the jubilee of Chinatown, and against the throng of protesters in Trafalgar Square. Eventful would be an understatement. 

The highlight of the walk, I will admit, was reaching the arches of Chinatown's main street. I've been mistaken a time or two of having some sort of Asian heritage and now can't help but feel an abnormal kinship to their fun, vibrant culture. Once I was even approached and asked by a true Asian continental resident. (I probably wasn't wearing enough eye make-up that day.) Kaylee was waiting nearby for a Chinese feast we'd had planned, which was delicious though devoid of fortune cookies. I wish I could understand the unfortunate overlook...the cookie is my favorite!


The Old CWT said...

Haley, your posts are always a delight to read; you seem to manage some terrific photos from each walk, and your narrative is fun to read. This was your LAST walk, so congratulations. Thanks for providing me with such good reading material throughout the semester.

ahlin said...

oh i love kaylee kimzey! she's so sweet. i am so happy you're having this amazing experience! enjoy every last minute of it! [and snag me a gorgeous prince while you're at it please:]

Vicki said...

so glad you are finally coming to terms with and embracing your" inner-Asian."